"You Fire up my Soul" by Sarah Naughton

Friends, Avalonians, Openhanders, lend me your ears! Wonderful tribute to our Walking the Path course at the Chalice Well - a song by Openhander Sarah Naughton "You Fire up my Soul". Deeply soul stirring - I was blown away by it. What a 'dark horse' you are Sarah. Just goes to show what we 'ordinary' folk so frequently hide under the veil. A musical delight for heart and soul...

'Hiding No More' by Mike Dickson

Introducing 'Hiding No More' by Mike We're blessed to have had Mike travel with us on the journey for over a year now. When Mike is about a good ol' music jam is never far away! 'Hiding No More' is a real soul inspired infusion of energy from one who is really finding the courage to keep unfolding through the challenges of the spiritual awakening. It's a message that invites us to embrace the darkness as a blessing; to take a deep breath when we stumble; to unveil ourselves and step out, no matter what. The soul is calling. I was so moved by his new song...heartfelt thanks to Mike.